"Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world."  

-Nelson Mandela

  • Money Smarts Book

    This book shows you how to understand money in such a way that you will have the knowledge and practical strategies to make, save, and invest more money. As a result of reading this book, it will show you have how to create multiple income streams even while you are going to school or work full time!


    For students, you will now know how to graduate with little to no debt. For adults and parents, you'll know how to retire early achieving total financial freedom. 


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  • Money Simulations Training

    Money is a skill so learning it is like learning how to swim and riding a bicycle. It is all about doing it and learning through experience...this is why most financial education fail...it lacks the skills training.


    This Money Simulation Board game simulates all the life events to teach every player how to budget, save, and how to invest in bonds, stocks, real estate and what's most unique that makes this unlike any other "game" is that its rules are based on real financial and accounting principles. Anyone who can win this simulation can surely win it in real life! Up for the challenge?


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  • TRADE UP! The Sales & Communication Skill Building Card Game

    The #1 skill to robot-proof and future-proof your career is effective communication skills. Similarly, the #1 skill for making money is sales skills. With TRADE UP! card game, you can train for both skills in 15 minutes or less while having fun with friends, classmates, and co-workers! 


    As a part-time local high school teacher teaching entrepreneurship & career development, I created this game to teach my own students and they were totally engaged & enthused! This became for sale because after I learned about the financial challenges for teachers not having enough money for their classrooms with many of them using their own money..... I thought, "why not sell this game and use it as an evergreen fundraiser for teachers!" After researching the cost to produce this, I can and will donate 50% of all sales to teachers so I hope you can join me in supporting teachers while helping students develop communication skills!


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  • Money Smarts Masterclass & Training Program

    The problem with college and career decisions is in the difficulty of answering "How Can I Make Money?"


    This Money Smarts Masterclass solves that problem by giving you the knowledge and skills training you need to make the money you want, save the money you need, and invest the money you have strategically so you can achieve financial freedom and retire early.


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  • College Career Advisory

    If you are asking... "How can I afford college?", "What college should I go to?", "Which careers should I explore?", or "How should I go about planning my college and career?" You have found the right place.


    This is a custom coaching program for students from 7th to 12th grade that breaks down all aspects of college admissions, college funding, and career explorations for them to make the right decisions and avoid financial pitfalls for lifelong impact.


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  • Money Monthly

    Have you ever wonder why some people are just in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right things...but all the time? What do they know that I don't to just be so lucky?


    Welcome to Money Monthly where I go live every month with with you for 2 hours training you on the most up to date strategies that you can do right away to make and save money. You'll always be current and fresh so you will know what others don't to have what others won't. 


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  • 12 Streams Of Income Blueprint

    While there is a limit to how much you can save, there is no limit to how much you can make. Realistically, once you cut expenses down to just the bare bones the only way to save more is to make more, right? If you want to know how you can create more money, this is it!


    This Income Streams Blueprint will train you on 12 different income streams that have generated me many millions over the years. This is where I pull back the curtain and train you so you will know how I did it and how you can do it better now for yourself with all the new tools and resources paired with proven strategies! Best part, you won't have the repeat the mistakes I made costing me hundreds of thousands...  


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  • Keynote Address or Workshop Presenter

    Are you an academic institution, student organization, or community organization looking for a qualified financial literacy or motivational speaker/trainer?


    As a member of the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC)’s Personal Finance Speakers Association, Nathan possess the knowledge and expertise to effectively deliver the workshops, keynote presentations, advocacy events and is skilled at creating a memorable participant experience.


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