How To Have The Career You Want Without The Problem Of Not Making The Money You Want

The Backstory

While stressing out in high school during the end of my freshman year in 2001 looking for clarity in what I can do as a career when I grow up, I stumble upon these 2 charts that made me realize the ONE THING that will give me the ultimate freedom to have any career I wanted without the problem of making the money I wanted... And in a moment, I'll show you exactly what these 2 charts are and what I realized from it but first let me give you the full backstory.



“So Nathan, what do you want to do when you grow up? Around 12, I began to get the dreaded question like most of us...and it only gets worst in college....



I smiled…. You know that smile of "I have no really good answer"....  but then quickly realized I needed to appear like I know what I am doing so I then a gave a secondary response saying….


(I am sure it was too late but I said it anyways to make me feel better)


"I'm going to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer...(whatever I felt would make me look awesome and also to make my parents happy)..."


Fact is, I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted success...even though I couldn't explain what that would be if you had asked me.


Of course, over time with career assessments test and personality tests done in school and various programs, I begin to have some career directions. So I was ready and couldn't wait until the moment someone ask me that question again!


Then, the moment came, “so Nathan, what do want to do when you grow up?”


"I'm going to be a teacher!"


With excitement and much enthusiasm, standing proud and waiting for their praises for how amazing I was for knowing what I wanted to do… But then, I get this…


"Oh, so how are you gonna make money?"


What!? Argh… you know my non verbal response face from before… and then again a secondary response to regain my self worth… I defensively reply


"Money doesn't matter because I'm going to do what I love…Money can't buy happiness!"


Truth is, I am now doubting myself and yeah, I am even more worried because not only am I supposed to know what I wanted to do but also know how I will make money with it? Sigh... so do I have to choose between doing what I want vs making money?



The Problem With Career Decisions Is The Difficulty Of Answering "How Can I Make Money?"

So yeah, I became very anxious with the added pressures of grades, SAT test, and figuring out how to get into college...(even though it is ironic as I didn't know what I wanted to do yet stressing out about getting into certain colleges while being not sure if it's the right college for my future unknown career)….


Sounds familiar?


Oh yes, Anxiety isn't new these days, it has always been for generations of students from 12 to 25 years old.


So you are not alone if you or your love ones are going through this as this has become the social and cultural norm to just accept it and just go with the flow... or is it? or should it be?

These 2 Charts Changed Everything For Me...

What This Shows...

This pie chart shows the percentage of wealth ownership among people population in America.

  • The top 1% of the population owns 38.3% of America's wealth
  • The top 5% of the population owns 65.4% of America's wealth
  • The top 10% of the population owns 76.7% of America's wealth

What This Shows...

This pie chart shows the percentage of wealth ownership among people population in The World.

  • The top 1% of the population owns 50.1% of The World's wealth
  • The top 5% of the population owns 76.4% of The World's wealth
  • The top 10% of the population owns 89.9% of The World's wealth

From The Charts, I Realized The ONE THING...

Surprised? Well... It was more than that for me because what this chart showed me was that within 100 people, 10 of them will own more than  of the wealth leaving to be shared among 90 others.


I actually felt upset for why such inequality!


Then, the BIG QUESTION popped up…


What does the top 10% of the people know and do while the rest of the others don't???


I had no idea but I was certain the answer will allow me to help my family go out of welfare and for me able to pay for college and succeed afterwards without being saddled with huge debts I keep hearing and reading about.


I begin to do mountains of research and also reach out to my mentors….what I finally figured out was so simple yet it is easily overlooked!


The ONE THING that separates the 10% and the 90% is asset ownership.


Basically it is owning things that can increase in value instead of buying things that reduces in value. The most common investment that does this is real estate.


In short, it's more than just getting paychecks....


It's about investing and the weirdest part of investing is that it doesn't even have to be with your own money!

Yep, the saying, “it takes money to make money” is still true but it doesn't have to be Your Money!




It makes so much sense now for how people can go from rags to riches and welfare to millionaire & billionaire... Even if many people in the world may not be privileged enough to access higher education to get the Book Smarts, as long they have the Money Smarts, they can figure out how to have the money they want.


It further explains how most of the richest came from nothing because they had drive and motivation so they really make sure they got the Money Smarts to survive and then thrive above everyone else even if others may have more Book Smarts than them.


I guess, people with Money Smarts can hire others with Book Smarts...


This begins my journey to learn the “game of money” that the top 10% plays and make sure I don’t stand on the sideline just watching and yelling out comments that really doesn’t do much to help my life get better.  


Wow! After days, weeks, months, and years…. I found myself not just understanding and speaking the language of money but I found myself playing the money game and winning!


As a result, I paid my way through my dream college at the University of Southern California (USC) and I also made $4.3 million upon graduation! Whew... (you can read my full story in Chapter 2 of my Money Smarts book or the "about" me page at the top.


In short, I started a real estate investment company and begin investing at 19, intern at a global investment banking firm to learn investment banking, got my financial licenses, and built many different businesses that interest me that makes millions... fact is, once you have the Money Smarts to win the money just keep on playing and winning...(sure you will lose some or lots but the wins will more than make up for it!) the hard part was getting in to start playing! So I created the game..but more on that later...


Greatest part of it forward to today, I fulfill my childhood dream to become a teacher!


I teach a year long course on entrepreneurship and career development to a select group of high school juniors and seniors. It’s my honor to get to do this purely out of passion as it is more like volunteering for me...


When they school asked me to do this after I have been donating to the school. I was at first hesitant as I simply don't have much time but I do want to fulfill my childhood dream to be a teacher!


So after months of scheduling, the school worked around my schedule and my class will only be about 3-5 hrs a week to be held during my lunch times. In short, I made it work by giving up about 2-3 lunches a week to swing by the high school to teach the year long course.


I love it!


I can truly say that doing what you love and having the career lifestyle you want while also having the money you want feels great... 


The greatest feeling is impacting students and seeing their progressive growth with each class.


With the students, they have further inspired me to release this program to the public to help more student who want to pursue the careers they want to without having the problem of making the money they want.


So here it is…


After 5 Years Of Perfecting, This Is The Money Smarts Money Simulations Training Game Program For Learning & Teaching Money Knowledge and Skills

We all know the #1 Life Skill lacking in the education system is financial literacy but the problem with most financial education is that it stops at just teaching the concepts and theories which often causes more confusion!


Learning money is just like learning how to ride a bike or fly an requires experiential learning with real practice and real simulations.


Drawing from all my financial licenses, training, and 12+ years in investing in real estate, private equity, and building multi-million dollar businesses, I created this Money Simulations Game and improved it over 5 years with hundreds of students and families along with publishing the bestselling book Money Smarts to go along with it.


This real-life-rules-based simulation is the only money skills training program of its kind that will have you master money skills beyond mastering its concepts through practical life applications and critical thinking and decision making.

Just like flight simulations for flight training, this money simulations can only be passed when the player can demonstrate true understanding and money skills! 


The key is that you won't need to risk your real life time and real money to learn all the key money lessons. We all know that all success journeys will begin with lots of failure where most don't recover from the big money loss lessons, so why not fail in a money simulation game instead of failing in real life...let the success be realized in life instead!


What this means for you is, what took me over 12 YEARS to learn and develop for skills for, you can do it IN DAYS while not risking money nor years of time to learn these hard and important life lessons and skills. 

Who This Is NOT FOR...

  • Anyone who can't or unwilling to do basic math of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It's about life and money so there will be math involved.
  • Anyone wanting a passive way of learning with me only teaching and lecturing. While I will be teaching you money and strategies, the key to this program is the Simulation Game tool that YOU need to use to build skills and learn through experiential learning… if you are not going to actively experiencing it through applying what I share with you to learn for yourself, this is NOT for you.

  • Anyone not willing to put in hrs to learn... while it took years for me to learn and this tool can speed up the learning curve for you, you still need to commit hours to this simulation game to develop the skills and truly understand the concepts..

  • Anyone who gives up easily as you won't pass it easily, heck most doctors, lawyers, and engineers struggle to pass this as money is a whole different language...thus it's Money Smarts and not Book Smarts :)

Who This Is PERFECT FOR...

  • Investors wanting to sharpen their skills, test new strategies, and perfect their winning strategies in the simulation to put into practice for their investment business.
  • Parents who want to teach their kids the life skill of money
  • Students ages 12 to 25 who are going through the most important years of making key life decisions to have this knowledge and skill to best prepare for life. With the money question answered, they are more confident to decide their career paths, decide which college to go to, and decide which major that supports their careers...etc

  • Anyone who wants to teach others or learn for themselves the skill of money management, investing, and wealth creation. 

  • Financial professionals who want to use this Money Simulation tool as a way to educate their clients more about money so they can better understand your advice and appreciate your services. 

  • Educators who want to teach financial literacy to their students 


Here’s What You’re Getting...

  • The step-by-step “Money Playbook” to win both the Money Simulations Game and in Life.
  • The investing strategy guides the top 10% use to build their wealth in real estate, stock market, and building businesses. 
  • The financial statements which serves as the money map to make critical and strategic financial decisions.
  • 5 decks of cards covering all key variable life situations, economic events, challenges, opportunities, and critical thinking scenarios.
  • Variable career profiles that will fit and adapt to your decisions.
  • So much more…

You’ll Be Able To…

  • Strategize and implement all the ways you can make money
  • Track, budget, and practice all the ways to save money when given tough situations
  • Analyze real estate deals for buying, selling, flipping, and even wholesale to other players just like real life!
  • Analyze stocks in the stock market for buying, selling, and deploying all the strategies specific to income or capital gains goals.
  • Analyze business plans to build & grow, invest, buy and sell, and create partnerships just like real life!
  • Calculate loan payments such as mortgages for real estate and credit accounts like credit cards to strategically manage debt and leverage money.
  • Create, read, and analyze financial statements just like any banker would in real life for lending and investing.
  • Establish, manage, and build credit scores and know how and when to refinance for better financial positioning.
  • Do tax planning to minimize tax and maximize income and capital gains.
  • Mitigate risks with insurances and realize how it works
  • Advancing beyond single player mode, when played with others, the simulation becomes a larger financial market economy with natural competitions to advance further in training communication, negotiating, networking, partnering, and deal making skills.

What Students Have Said…

“Beyond its obvious benefits, what I got was even more as I was finally be able to appreciate and connect with my parents to understand what they do and create my own career success plans.”

-Nick C.


“I’ll admit, it was not easy for me even as a working professional to pass it. If anyone thinking it's like any other “game” that they can win, they'll be in for a big surprise as it is created like a simulation that can't be passed with just knowing the rules. It's crazy how real this is. Well, it true that life isn't easy either...In short I'm impress and I'll hire anyone who can pass this!”

-Andrew S.


“I’m using this to test the “Money Smarts” of any guy who wants to date me!”

-Vivian V.



To Ensure Your Success, You’ll Also Get My ...

This 10 week-by-week masterclass will provide every student the necessary training to get the Money Knowledge so they can then use in the game to build Money Skills. I will go in depth into every aspect of money of making, saving, investing, and borrowing money. Literally, I will hold nothing back in sharing everything I know that have been responsible for me earning millions over the year into this 10 weeks. The price for this masterclass alone is $1997 but it will be included free because I want to ensure your success in passing the simulation and get the proper knowledge and skills. This is going to be unlike everything else you have known about financial education because everything taught can be EXPERIENCED BY YOU for you to TRULY LEARN IT BY DOING IT!

How is this different from anything else? You'll see for yourself as I share some of its real-life-based rules...


You must pass the game within a set time period of max 60 years since no one can work forever in real life to achieve their financial goals. Since this game measures months and years, you will be required to plan your tax liabilities to pay accordingly and timely. 


Real Estate Investing

Players wishing to buy real estate may buy to occupy, rent, flip, or wholesale depending on the player's level of investment goals, sophistication, and skills. The process of buying will require the player to review their current credit score that will change depending on their debt management, current interest rate offered varied by the financial level of the player and their down payment percentage of the final sale price of the real estate property. If playing in a mutli-player mode, this sale price must be the winning bid price as any good deal will have many interested investors who wants it. The results will be different each time since every player will decide their own financing structure to invest with each property varying in CAP rates determined by market value.



Players can start different type of businesses at different cash investment level with different ROI structures. The business can be owner operated with time limitations or be completely automated. There will be different levels of profitability as well as growth period in which the business may be burning cash running negative cash flow or at break even depending on the overall entrepreneurial strategy. Certainly, there will be opportunities for nice business exits making the owners very wealthy given the right conditions just like in real life. Just don't count it being easy but you will know it. 


Financial statements

All players keep "score" using their financial statements of profit & loss and balance sheet. There will be no "monopoly dollars" as everything is these days are digits on screens and paper. Thus, players will master money management for the modern world of digital banking. And by default, simply being able to play the game demonstrates that the player will know how to read and create financial statements to keep track of their money. They will soon master all of its terms and if it is a young student, that student will be turning heads impressing any adult! 



In multi-player mode, players are encouraged to partner and collaborate. All partnership deals and agreements will be set by them.



No way of cheating this. Unlike some "games" where it is just a card with a number, the way the stock price moves will vary depending on dice roles among other variables I built in it so expect to get a real lesson on how it feels to invest in stock and feel all the emotions of risks for anyone wanting to day trade. Certainly, you can compare your own results between different short and long term investment strategies.  


Not luck

Certainly life does have luck factors so this game will have some type of probability of that but most will be decision based. The big take away of this is that life is all about creating opportunities and not waiting for them. Yes, you can create all the opportunities you desire given you will do the necessary preparation. (Yeah, this game is also meant to teach life skills and offer some motivations too!) 


Real FUN

Life is filled with funny moments and dramas....its natural part of life so it will be really interesting when players find themselves needing to work multiple jobs to cover bills while other players having no jobs with their bills covered by different streams of income. Oh yeah, lets not forget about the pets and babies! They are expensive financially and fun to really talk about...


Real Numbers & Statistics

I build this game on realism so the numbers reflect as accurate as possible to real world applications so you can get real learning value. 


There is so much more but I think you got the point that I made this very real because I studied investment banking, got licensed in insurance and investments for financial planning, and built and operate multi-million dollar businesses...

Are you ready to get the Money Smarts to have the career you want without the problem of not making the money you want?

Click here to apply

As world’s bestselling author, I frequently want to mandate great books to be read,...

absorbed, and used effectively. Money Smarts is such a book. Everyone wants a good-to-great education. Many desire it. Most cannot fully afford to pay the high tuition or qualify for a scholarship. My super star young friend, Nathan Nguyen, has now penned a book that will make education available to everyone who is willing to work for it. Nathan teaches that pride of scholarship can run parallel to pride of educational earnership. Everyone can earn their own education, both of us did and you can, too. Best of all, as a student, you can become rich, like we did, doing it. My perfect mandate would be that 16,000,000 college students and college bound students drink deeply of his brilliance, wisdom, and experience making their lives richer, fuller, and more meaningful by learning, earning, and returning, while in school. Prepare to be deeply inspired and choose to raise yourself higher than you ever imagined. 

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series with over 500,000,000 sold.

This book is a game changer in the world of financial education for both kids and adults.

As an entrepreneur and fund manager myself, I have learned over the years that aside from being financially literate, there're much more to it before you can actually be successful both financially and personally. Most books out there teach you about investing or the importance of investing. Who doesn't know ?? But what most people struggle to do is to get from the point of paycheck to paycheck, or no capital, to the point where they can start to invest. Money Smarts is able to lay it out very clearly, what it takes to first increase your earning power, thru the kind of education you need and personal development required, then thru savings and investing that gives you financial freedom. That's a dead on bullseye if you what to know the formula for success. Another great thing is that after reading this book, you will develop a innate ability and habit of looking at your balance sheet, net income, and your own financial health. This is a basic foundation to be financially secure, which is a stepping stone for bigger financial success and be able to invest with the money you earned and saved. I wish I had access to this book back when I was a young kid, it will definitely shorten my learning curve and avoid making mistakes that i have made. I agree with the tag line that says "What students want, graudates need and parents wish to know about money". Everybody needs this !

Brian Lam

Fund Manager, Investor, Father

I knew of Nathan Nguyen from his philanthropy works at my kids' High School,

Oxford Academy, but never really got to know him. Upon learning that he wrote the book, I purchased one and discovered that life experience I had tried giving to my kids in random pieces, sometimes in vain :-), are covered in this excellent book, and then some. For most high school students, it is hard to appreciate money and therefore, it is hard to for them to find interest on how money works. This is where this book could help. This book is not only about "Money Smarts" in my opinion. It is a life guide for students and adults on the path to financial independence, based on Nguyen's life experience. The first couple of chapters are inspirational leading way to appropriate treatments of financial matters. His story telling style, coupled with insightful introductory sections, to financial related topics are easy to digest and follow. His advices derived from real life experience and his success both in life and in wealth that he shared in sections of the book will motivate people who want to contribute positively to the society and in turn lift themselves up. Finishing this book will not make one a financial expert, but it will make appreciative readers wanting to do more for their life, through financial disciplines and clear goals. Thank you Mr. Nathan Nguyen for putting your heart and inspirations into this book. Many young lives will be benefited by this book.

Lu Ta

Investor, Parent

This book is absolutely amazing. I am a young adult myself and I...

am a young adult myself and I find it mind boggling to just now realize how financially illiterate I actually am. I learned nothing that was in this book in school, even though they should have taught about this. It reflects poorly on the modern day school system that I have to find external sources to learn about the most basic financial concepts. Nathan does a wonderful job speaking to all ages about how you can apply what he talks about today because at the end of the day, knowledge isn't power unless you can take action. Money Smarts is even more practical, useful, and easy to read than another book I read-Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Nathan also uses inspiring anecdotes and quotes that hit hard and motivate you. I encourage and BEG anyone who comes across this book to read it and apply what they learn to their life. The way the modern day American deals with finances is absurd an we can ALL learn from this book.

Cassie B.

College Student


I operate a large education non-profit that focuses on business and entrepreneurship. We had been struggling to make our financial literacy engaging, and now we've found our solution. Full of practical advice and wisdom straight from an entrepreneur who has done it himself.

Will Taormina Jr.

Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator

Awesome Knowledge

Nathan provides a strong foundation to help readers gain financial literacy. What I have learned from his book has been more applicable now versus what I have learned in school. He talks about how to get from point A (learning to increase your earning power) to point B (starting to invest). I now look at managing my financial health in a different way. Definitely a great read and one I would recommend.

Mike Zuniga


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