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The only limits we have are the limits we set for ourselves.

-Nathan Nguyen

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Meet Nathan

Nathan Nguyen is a financial educator with a passion for solving social economic problems. With a degree at USC, he is the founder of multiple companies in the professional development, eCommerce, and financial industry. 


Nathan is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Education Loan Analyst, and Certified College Funding Specialist to help adults, parents and students plan for college, career, and financial success. 


His best-selling book, Money Smarts, and Money Simulation Game has become a key financial resource for high school and college students to become financially educated and skilled in making the right college, career, and financial life choices.


From his welfare to college multi-millionaire journey, his inspiring story has been featured in the all-time bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series book Chicken Soup for the Extraordinary Teens Soul as well as The Richest Kids in America.


As one of the most regarded speaker, trainer, and panelist, Nathan has shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Dr. Nido Qubein and many other leading thought leaders. 


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My perfect mandate would be that 16,000,000 college students and college bound students drink deeply of his brilliance, wisdom, and experience making their lives richer, fuller, and more meaningful by learning, earning, and returning, while in school. Prepare to be deeply inspired and choose to raise yourself higher than you ever imagined. 

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series with over 500,000,000 sold.

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